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2020 Guangzhou Marathon Registration Notice


(1)Race Date: Sunday, December 13, 2020

(2)Event: Marathon (42.195KM)

(3)Maximum Number of Entrants: 20,000 runners

(Including 200 places for Public Welfare Entry, 100 places for Charity Entry)

(4)Start Time:7:30 a.m.

(5)Race Course: 

Start point: Tianhe Sports Center

Finish point: Huacheng Square

Course goes through Tianhe District, Haizhu District, Liwan District, and Yuexiu District.


(1)Registration Time

The entry system will open at 15:00 on December 2 and close at 17:00 on December 8.

When the maximum number of entries is exceeded, participants will be chosen by lottery. The scheduled time for the announcement of the lottery results is early November. Please refer to Guangzhou Marathon official website (www.guangzhou-marathon.com)for the lottery results and process payment successfully within 2 days.

(2)Age Requirement

Over 20 years old (born before December 31, 2000).


For participants who aged over 70, his/her relatives shall fully understand and consent with the Runner Declaration by signing the document.

(3)Participants Eligibility

(a)General Entry

Runners who have the experience of finishing Half Marathon or Marathon in the qualified period (November 1, 2017 to October 31, 2020)are eligible for registration.

*The experience of virtual marathon will not be accepted as qualified proof.

(b)Loyal Runners and Elite Runners

Loyal Runners: Runners who have participated in any race events of Guangzhou Marathon for seven consecutive years (from 2012-2019)will be accepted directly to enter the 2020 Guangzhou Marathon.

Elite Runners: Runners who reached below qualified time in any edition of Guangzhou Marathon from 2012-2019 will be accepted directly to enter the 2020 Guangzhou Marathon.

Marathon: Males (including and within 3:30:00), Females (including and within 3:50:00);

Half Marathon: Males (including and within 1:30:00), Females (including and within 1:50:00).

Loyal Runners and Elite Runners must complete the registration on the website. If the runner fails to do so within the time limit, it shall be deemed as one who voluntarily gives up.

(4)Registration Fee: 40 USD/Person (around 270RMB/Person)

Public Welfare and Charity Entry Registration Fee: 2000 RMB/Person

(5)Payment via Alipay.

(6)Registration Process: 

Log on the Guangzhou Marathon official website www.guangzhou-marathon.com and follow the instructions online.


(1)Due to the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic, participants from outside mainland China, and medium or high-risk areas are not accepted. 2020 Guangzhou Marathon only accepts participants who reside in low-risk areas of mainland China (foreign residents, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents live in low-risk areas in mainland China are included).

(2)All entrants MUST provide valid and correct information for the race registration, otherwise you would be failed on the registration and disqualified for the race. 

Please fill in health declaration truthfully during registration process. Participants’ physical health conditions should meet the national, provincial, and municipal health and epidemic prevention requirements. 

(3)The Organizing Committee will disqualify the participant if the risk index for Covid-19 in the area, where the participant is located, increases from low to medium or high between the time of successful registration and the event day. In this case, the Organizing Committee will defer the participant’s entry to the 2021 race or refund registration fee.

Except for above and other circumstances specified by the organizing committee,the entry fee will not be refunded. For the safety of the runners, the race entry is not transferable for any reason and race number (BIB)cannot be transferred / sold to other parties.

(4)The lottery results will be informed by e-mail and text message. The event organizer will not be liable to any detriments caused by undelivered e-mails/texts, due to PC malfunctions, e-mail refusal setting, wrong e-mail address, security software settings and so forth. Please log on the official website timely to check your entry status and or lottery result. 

(5)Applicants who fail to pay entry fee by the designated date will have the entry canceled automatically and will not be allowed to participate in the race. In case there are any vacancies left, secondary lottery may be held.

(6)Applicants who fail in lottery, may log on the Guangzhou Marathon official website for the Charity Entry. Charity Entry will open after the lottery result is announced. Entry will be designated by a first-come, first-serve basis.

(7)Successful entrants shall not go to Covid-19 medium or high-risk areas 14 days before the race. The organizing committee will conduct regular screening. Entrants who have gone to Covid-19 medium or high-risk areas will be disqualified, and registration fee will not be refunded.

(8)All successful entrants shall register Suikang Code (Guangzhou health code)with the same ID that is used to register in the 2020 Guangzhou Marathon. Runners will need to show Suikang Code (normal status)in the Expo in order to access the venue. 

All successful entrants will need to go the Expo in person, show the same ID or passport (original)that is used to register, and submit below documents to collect bib number and race kitbag:

a.A paper copy of a valid nucleic negative test report. The test should be conducted and sampled on or after 9th December, 2020 

b.A signed copy of the Health and Safety Responsibility Commitment (download version will be available in the official website in weeks).

The Organizing Committee will disqualify runners whose code status are abnormal, or fail to submit valid paper document, or refuse to cooperate. In this case, registration fee will not be refunded. 

(10)Any promotional material (except for official sponsors’ goods), including but not limited to flags, scrolls, balloons, models, etc., are strictly prohibited throughout the event. Anyone who disregards this rule will be disqualified and removed from the event.

(11)The organizing committee will dynamically adjust the competition arrangements (including race date, capacity, and entry requirements etc.)according to the epidemic situation. Participants shall fully understand and agree to various rules, regulations and requirements stipulated by the Organizing Committee as well as the measures taken by it.

(12)For Inquiries

E-mail: oc@guangzhou-marathon.com

Tel: 020-85586892; 020-85586873

Office hours: 9:00-11:30, 13:00-17:30 (Monday - Friday, except public holidays)

4.The final interpretation of this notice is up to the Guangzhou Marathon Organizing Committee. Issues not covered herein are subject to further notices and updates. 

Guangzhou Marathon Organizing Committee 




Guangzhou Municipal People's Government


Administration of Sports of Guangzhou Municipality

Yuexiu District People's Government

Haizhu District People's Government

Liwan District People's Government

Tianhe District People's Government

Guangzhou Sports Competitions Centre

Guangzhou Athletics Association (GAA)


China Sports Industry Group Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou City Construction Investment Group

Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center


China Olympic Road Running Co., Ltd.

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